Friday, October 20, 2017

Important Dates!

Hello All!

I wanted to do a specific blog for important upcoming dates we have!

*Monday, Oct. 23- Progress Reports will be sent home.  Please read and sign the cover sheet and return it on Tuesday, Oct. 24.  It is important that this signed page is given back to us by Tuesday.

*Tuesday, Oct. 24- Toddler/Preschool Picture Day- Please have your toddler here no later than 8:15am

*Friday, Oct. 27- Toddler/Preschool Parent Teacher Conference Day- No School for Toddlers or Preschool.  Please bring your copy of your toddler's progress report to the conference.  A time slot schedule will be sent out in an email soon.

*Tuesday, Oct. 31- JBMA Halloween Parade!  Please send your child to school in their costume with their regular clothes on underneath.  We will walk the track as a class so everyone can look at how cute the toddlers are!  Afterwards we will come back to the classroom and change out of costumes.  We will have a small Halloween Celebration- you should have received an email from Catherine about donating money for the party.  All parents/nannies are welcome to join us for the parade and walk with their toddler!  All help is welcome!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email myself and Ms. Kari and we will gladly answer your questions!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Ms. Jessica and Ms. Kari

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hello All!
   Despite having a short week, the toddlers have been busy at work!  They welcomed a new friend into the class last week and have been making him begin to feel at home and comfortable.  Every day is a learning journey which the toddlers take on in full force!  The toddlers have been having lessons in “more, less and equal”, “big, bigger, biggest”, “small, medium, large”, ordinal numbers and “soft or hard”.  The toddlers have also been working with many practical life, sensorial, math and art jobs.  And of course movement!  Toddlers need to move and their movement room meets their needs.  Below are some photos from the week.  

Ms. Jessica and Ms. Kari

*The Fall Festival is this Sunday, 10/15 from 1pm to 3pm.  Rain or shine!  Come out and have some fun family time with many different activities, games, pumpkin decorating, concessions, and much more!

* 10/24 is School Picture Day

* 10/27 is Toddler/Preschool Conferences (a sign up list will be going out soon for time slots)

Carrot Grating 

Tearing Rosemary

New Sensory Floam 

Koosh Ball

Dry Scooping Popcorn Kernels 

Rolling and Patting a Work Mat

Sharing the Balance Beam

Magnet with Pipe-cleaners 

Hello New Friend!

Using Two Hands to Carry a Bowl

Flour Scooping and Sifting 

Enjoying the Slide

Exploring the Parts of an Apple

Painting at the Easel 

Learning Self Serve Snack

A favorite!

Color Paddles 

Collage Making

Sensory Floam 

Dry Pouring

So Tall!

Insert Work

Friday, October 6, 2017

"If you want a child's mind to grow... you must first plant a seed."- Maria Montessori

Hello Toddler Parents!

       Before fall approached, and we still had some of our spring/summer flowers left, the toddlers tended to their garden by watering the flowers.  The toddlers learned that flowers need water to live.  They also learned to take turns sharing the watering cans.  "Taking turns" is a hard concept for toddlers to grasp... so this was a perfect learning opportunity!  The toddlers enjoyed pouring the water and feeling the water.  If you have a garden at home, let your toddler help you tend to your garden!  It is a wonderful learning experience!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Jessica and Ms. Kari

Friday, September 29, 2017

"As soon as children find something that interests them they lose their instability and learn to concentrate."- Maria Montessori

Hello All!

    This blog entry will be about something that many of you may have seen all over Pinterest and Facebook.  Or maybe you already have one.  I am talking about busy boards!  People have come up with many fantastic ideas and there are so many different styles and gadgets you can use and create.   For a long time I have wanted to create a busy board for the toddler environment and I finally was able to complete this project this past weekend.  Toddlers love locks and things that spin and latches etc.  A busy board can have whatever your child is interested in.  Below is kind of a step by step process of how I created our busy board.  It was challenging but fun... and the only thing that matters is that the toddlers love it!

The first thing I did super glue two bamboo cutting boards together. (I would recommend a different kind of wood.  Bamboo is tough for drilling!)

Here are the supplies I used.

After trying to use the power drill, I realized a regular screwdriver and muscle would finish getting the screws in!

The completed busy board!  A caster wheel, handle with clip, door latch and a window lock. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Hello Parents!

   I thought for this week's blog, we would keep it simple.  I know many of you are wondering what your toddler is doing during the day.  Well below will be many pictures of the toddlers working hard!  Have your toddler sit with you and look at the pictures and have them tell you about who is in the picture, what they are doing, etc.  This will be a wonderful bonding moment and a great way to get to know names, jobs and what your child is interested in at school!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Ms. Jessica and Ms. Kari

Painting Water Colors on the Easel

Making Dots using Crayola Bath Paint!  Yes bath paint!  Easy clean up!

Book looking while singing the "ABC" song.

Helping a friend put on a painting smock. 

Putting on shoes.

Cleaning up a wet spill.

Working with dough.

Ooops!  A plant fell over.  Sweeping up the dirt!

Exploring the ocean sensory bin.

Toddlers love water!

Focusing on pouring the salt.

Feeling the jello slime together.

Little artist at work!

Book looking


Using a stamp and ink pad.


Scrapping paint with a comb.

Double marker time.

Feeling the dough together.

Learning to open a lunch box.

More dots!


More dancing!

Ms. Jessica found a little friend!

The toddlers insisted it was a leaf... until it flew away!

Some were not as thrilled to see the insect.

Sitting on a bench.

Shaking bells