Friday, March 16, 2018

Making Up for a Couple of Weeks!

Hello All,

Please forgive me for not posting to the blog for the past two weeks!  What better way to catch up than to see pictures from the past two weeks?  Also this is a reminder that school dismisses at 1pm on Friday, March 23 for the beginning of Spring Break. There will be no nap or aftercare. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

“Hitting Hurts”


Many of the toddlers are now in the developmental milestone of learning how to communicate verbally with peers and also they are learning to control their actions.  Hitting, biting and scratching are normal for toddlers (within reason). They are learning to use their words which is hard if they do not have the vocabulary yet. Even with the proper vocabulary, toddlers will still physically lash out at peers and adults. Below are some articles that we believe will help during this phase in your toddler’s life. Remeber it is a phase!  This too shall pass!  Some vocabulary we use at school may be used at home so your toddler is hearing the same phrases from parents and teachers. Remeber to say these with a gentle yet stern tone. Here is a little list:

  • Hitting hurts!
  • Biting hurts!
  • Hands are for hugging. 
  • Gentle hands. 
  • Ask if he/she is alright. 
  • Look at his/her face, she is sad. Hitting hurts. 
  • I see you are frustrated. 
  • I see you are angry. 
  • It is ok to cry.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Hello All,

The toddlers have had a busy week!  We have moved on from talking about wintertime and fruits and vegetables and are now working with jobs for Valentine’s Day and animals!  The toddlers are working with many jobs and are eager to learn about wild animals and sea animals!  Also your toddler might tell you “the room has changed”, and they are correct!  As guides for your toddlers, we modify the environment to fit their needs. We “follow the child” as Maria Montessori stated , and sometimes the flow of the environment and placement of shelves needs to change too. 

*Also just a reminder, we are still in the middle of our “sick season”. Please help your child gain independence by having them wipe their nose and wash their hands!