Friday, January 12, 2018

Pictures from this past week!

Here are some photos of the toddlers hard at work!  Enjoy all of the photos and have a safe, long weekend!

Helping friends put on shoes. 

Drawing with a skinny marker. Also known as “writing”. 

Working with water is fun!

Squeezing puffy paint!

Posing with the glitter glue. 

Scooping from a small bowl to a large bowl. 

Sisters that draw together.....


More concentration!

Smiling while on the sit-n-spin. 


Squeezing puffy paint. 

Working together. 

Smiling while rocking!

Eggshell crushing. 

Listening to a book. 

Pouring water from a pitcher to cup. 

Transferring rice. 

Which lid goes on which container?

Shaving cream is a great sensory activity!

Oranges make me smile!

Brushing the polar bear. 

Scooping sand. 

Walking up the stairs. 

Being silly!

Object permanence job. 

Working on the pegboard together. 


Scooping coconut from one bowl to another. 


Heavy-lifting work. 

Friday, January 5, 2018


Hello All,

  We hope you enjoyed your holiday break!  We are excited to begin 2018 with the toddlers!  And the toddlers are excited to be back and see their friends they missed. Two of our friends moved up to preschool and we have welcomed a new student, Levi. Please say hello to Levi and his parents and make them feel like a part of our family!

   With the weather being so frigid, even out in the sunshine, we have stayed inside these past two days. The toddlers have missed playing on their playground and they need to realease their energy appropriately. The toddlers have the movement room where they can jump on the trampoline, walk up and down the stairs, work with the ball tracker, lift the heavy lifting job and sit-n-spin. With the toddlers amazing amount of energy...the movement room is  not enough!  Toddlers and older children need to move...they aren’t meant to sit still. Maria Montessori understood this and developed her work around this idea. This is why they work on workmats on the floor instead of in desks. They need to move. So we have had structured movement time in place of outdoor time. We play a CD that has songs about being animals and listening to instructions so they know when to “freeze”!  They love dancing together and showing off their awesome dance moves!  Here are some pictures!

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Jessica and Ms. Kari